The Cherry tomatoes are cultivated in April and are picked by hand in the month of July. All the phases are processed inside our factory. The tomatoes are picked, washed, selected, manually cut, salted and desiccated in the sun for 4-5 days on wood frames. Then, they are selected, washed and seasoned with Mediterranean spices and put in extra virgin olive oil. We still use this traditional method, handed us down by our grandfather. To obtain 800 g of sun-dried cherry tomatoes we need about 10 Kg of fresh tomatoes and more than 130 working hours!


  • "Cherry" sundried tomatoes (62%)
  • extra virgin olive oil (30%)
  • unrefined seasalt
  • capers
  • hot pepper
  • apple vinegar
  • fresh mint
  • garlic
  • lemon-juice.



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